Origins of Fake News Pt. 1

As we continue to analyze the Fake News dataset, another field is “Author”. Below is a subset copied from the Author field after removing duplicates. Removing duplicates resulted in over 4,000 unique Author entries, however the misaligned rows issue continues to be a factor. I estimate between 25-40% of the 4,000 unique rows are actual names like below, as opposed to long strings of text.

This subset was chosen for a reason because a particular name jumped out. HINT: he has run for President under the Green political party ticket.

Suffice to say, it may not be easy to determine credible origins based on the Author field, but we will look closer.

Kenneth Surin
José Tirado
Joe Sammut
Mel Gurtov
Julian Vigo
Gilbert Mercier
Chandra Muzaffar
Murray Dobbin
David Macaray
Ralph Nader
Pepe Escobar
Dean Baker
Renee Parsons
Mike Whitney
CP Editor
Wahid Azal
Lynne Wycherley
Aidan O’Brien
Contributed Daily News Bin Staff
Andrew Anglin